Ben Bardens
After Effects Artist
Assistant Professor of Art and Animation

Software Skills:
After Effects - Photoshop - Illustrator
C4D - Keylight - Mocha


Motion Graphics
Titles and Intros * Animated Logos
Puppet / Cut-out style animation
Text Inserts * End Cards
Lower Thirds, Corner Logos
Sub-titles and Credits

Shot Fixes * Roto / Paint
Color Keying / Matte creation
Motion Tracking
Screen replacements, Wire Removal, etc.
2D/3D Camera
Effects Animation

Thank you for visiting my page.

I am a Los Angeles based After Effects artist. I have been working in the animation and post-production industries since 1998. I have worked in various job capacities, including Technical Director, Animator, Assistant Editor, and Ink & Paint Artist. I have worked in pre-production doing development such as animatics and pitch pieces, and I have worked in post-production doing shot fixes, visual effects and localization work. I started my professional career at Disney Television Special Projects, working on a wide range of productions including interstitials, trailers, bumpers, series television and direct-to-video.

As a freelancer I have worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from independent film, documentary, and music video, to corporate events, and professional sports; and for a variety of clients including independent producers, special effects houses, Post facilities, and large studios. I am skilled at creating content for a variety of mediums including custom display or projection systems such as Daktronics and Full Dome.

In addition to my production experience I have 20 years of teaching experience. I am an Assistant Professor of Art & Animation at Glendale Community College where I teach both After Effects and Photoshop. I also teach After Effects at Studio Arts, which offers high-end vocational training for entertainment industry creatives.

2017 Reel 1:02

Old Stuff 1:46
Some random graphics from the past two decades.

LED Ribbon Board Animations
Portfolio of Staples Center banner graphics.
Best viewed in Safari (or other HTML 5 enabled browser).

A few more random pieces.

Grievance of a Starmaker
A Disney short that I worked on back in 2002.

ben (at) benbardens (dot) com
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