Ben Bardens
Graphic Artist

Thanks for visiting my page. I am a graphic artist, animator and educator with over 25 years of experience.
I create graphics for any output, ranging from print to video, including digital signage and projection systems.
On this page you will find reels and samples of my work.

Contact: ben (at) benbardens (dot) com

2024 Recent Work
Graphics created for Hypervsn 3D floating video,
and some other promotional graphics and freelance work.

Perfect House, Magic City A documentary by filmmaker Holly Du Rivage
about renown architect Alfred Browning Parker. Premiered on PBS in 2024.
Motion graphics be me.

2022 Reel
Animation compositing, VFX, titles, and text cards from
my time at Hasbro and Cartoon Network.

Stadium Graphics
Daktronics / Ribbon Board animations created for Arena (formerly Staples Center).

2016 Reel
Logo animations, event graphics, titles, and text cards.

2010 Reel
Scoreboard graphics, logo animation, and other freelance work.

Scoreboard Graphics
Sizzle reel of graphics I did for TLC/Lakers in the early 2000's cut to music.

Grievance of a Starmaker
One of my favorite pieces of work from my time at Disney Studios.
Compositing, camera and vfx by me.

Some samples of still art:
Adobe Portfolio

Thanks for visiting!

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